Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Bit of Pretty


It's silly with all that is yet to be done, but I needed to have a bit of pretty.

So I put up some bunting in the playroom / conservatory!!!!

Whilst I was there I quickly painted the wall (it was so cold and dark though, my hands were shaking and I couldn't really see what I was doing!)I did neaten up the edges.

I turn a corner and see something that needs doing but we have decided from this day forward to PRIORITISE!!!!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wendy House

So, Appletree Cottage to one-side for a moment and welcome to our lovely Wendy House. It is a bit neglected, no surprises there, but the girls LOVE it and have lots of girly plans for it.

I sort of like it just as is - especially the old painted red door.

It even has a little upstairs and for some reason the old curtains have been taken down.

I just can't wait for balmy summer days, with picnics and teddy bears and fairy cakes and lemonade, a snooze in the hammock and a cuddle under the apple tree.



Sunday, 14 February 2010

Grotty En-Suite, Painting & Heavy Lifting


Karl and I managed to get out to the cottage yesterday and get loads achieved together! But wow, do I ache today. As our bedroom is smallish, we decided (I decided) to remove the rather grotty en-suite and gain a much needed dressing area. (Although I can see me having a little craft room - but don't tell hubby).

Karl is becoming really good at DIY and after extensive reading of various books, knew exactly what needed to be done pipe wise - and then it was time for the heavy lifting. It was no mean feet getting that bath down our little staircase!

The hardest job and the one that pushed me over the edge to the point that I took a hammer at the wall in vicious anger, was these blasted tiles! I thought this was going to be easy, but then we discovered they had been put on with cement. Karl did the rest - whilst I........

....painted our bedroom. Honestly with all the beams and a rocky chocky wall, I could barely feel my fingers at the end of the day.

I think the white freshens it all up a little. We tried to paper the ceiling, but it looked awful, mainly due to our rubbish paper hanging and the fact that we don;t have time to properly strip the wood-chip off. So we are going to use that smooth plaster/paint stuff (technical name).

Just to keep me going I image pretty things I can fill the room with. Do you think this light currently collecting dust in my scary garage would look nice?

And then I finished off Lily and Poppy's room. Touched up the paint work, took the carpets out - hard work on your own - and finally a good clean.

And breath.

Another day done. One step closer. Please do know that I really appreciate all your support and encouragement - it means so much to me - I need all the good bloggy vibes I can get.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Builders are Burning my Cottage!


They are! To keep themselves warm.

My bottom lip is a bit trembly today. I have this awful feeling we are not going to be ready for Move Day. Would you....looking at the state of downstairs today?
Fleur xxxxx

Kidston for the Privileged & Rich...ish?


Well that's how I feel. i only want one roll to cover up this soothing red in the upstairs bathroom. I think it would change the entire feel of the bathroom wouldn't it? Coupled with some pretty, light CK curtains - even better! Oh and then the re - plastering, new vinyl, some painting and a good clean too.

Only problem is, they don't stock this in my local CK Shop and it is sooooo expensive. Must think of pretty alternatives that fit to budget. Suggestions please!

Or do you think I could stretch the budget just a teeny weeny bit?



Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lily's Lavender Room & Dead Wasps. Nice.

So whilst all the heavy duty stuff is going on downstairs I am upstairs getting the girls' rooms ready. They have lived in rented accommodation for 3 years and have had to endure plain white walls as a consequence. As a treat and to help them settle I let them chose their own colours and Lily chose lavender! (this is quite a sacrifice to a home control freak like me - I did draw the line at Rosie's BLACK request though).

However, I am getting what I paid for with the cheap paint I bought. This is the first coat and looks vile does it not?! However I have put a third coat on now and it does look much better. It's really fiddly trying not to get it all on the beams, when you're as rushed as we are!
Cheap Paint

The good thing about replacing all the carpets it that I don't have to worry about drips! I am the world's messiest painter.

Karl was plastering around the light fitting, so I asked him to paint the ceiling in this room, I thought my arm was going to drop off. I'm developing great muscles on my right arm, but sadly not on my left - by the summer I will look ridiculous!
Dead Wasps

Lily continually talks about the wasps nest she discovered in her bedroom and frequently seeks reassurance that these scary interlopers will have been evicted by the time she moves in.
I have to say it was a bit yucky painting with dead wasps around my feet, but compared to the mouse poo in Poppy's room awaiting me, I am gradually getting used to it.

Oh the glamour!!!



Friday, 5 February 2010

Some Happy Views

Just for me...I needed to remind myself of the good things awaiting us.

The PaddockBottom of the GardenSome Stables (minus animals)
To get some extra income (vital actually), we are thinking of renting out the stables and paddock. We can't see ourselves doing anything with the land for a while and the girls would love to have horses at the bottom of their garden. We'll see. House first.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Eeek. No Foundations.


So now the dividing walls between the two smaller living rooms and the two kitchens are down, we have some great open spaces. However. Hmmm. Remember we are lowering the floors? Well first they found water. Not oil unfortunately. Water. Lucky moi, a lovely sess pit right in my new living room. Luuurrrvely.

But the builders weren't too worried about it as the foundations are clay. (Obviously we wet our pants when we saw it).

But today they found a big, old drain and as there is no water anywhere else in the foundations, believe it has something to do with it. So, they have to find out where the drain comes from and where it goes.

Then....our structural engineer informed us that the interior walls do not have any foundations. Which doesn't sound good does it? So husband, builder, engineer all gathered around hole and discussed options, which all resulted in much more expense.

OK - so - Houston we have a problem. Set back and more money needed. These things should be expected though shoudn't they? Note to self must get head out of sand/clay/foundations.

Today I also got my first quote for carpets & vinyl for whole house. Total:£3000 *gulp*.
However they need to know by tomorrow in order to get them in before we move in, but now as the builders are delayed I don't even know whether we will have a floor to carpet!!!!

Gosh - what a load of babble - I'm sure none of that made any sense - rest assured as a sum up it all says STRESS, DEBT, STRESS, SHOCK, HORROR.

TTFN Fleur