Sunday, 14 February 2010

Grotty En-Suite, Painting & Heavy Lifting


Karl and I managed to get out to the cottage yesterday and get loads achieved together! But wow, do I ache today. As our bedroom is smallish, we decided (I decided) to remove the rather grotty en-suite and gain a much needed dressing area. (Although I can see me having a little craft room - but don't tell hubby).

Karl is becoming really good at DIY and after extensive reading of various books, knew exactly what needed to be done pipe wise - and then it was time for the heavy lifting. It was no mean feet getting that bath down our little staircase!

The hardest job and the one that pushed me over the edge to the point that I took a hammer at the wall in vicious anger, was these blasted tiles! I thought this was going to be easy, but then we discovered they had been put on with cement. Karl did the rest - whilst I........

....painted our bedroom. Honestly with all the beams and a rocky chocky wall, I could barely feel my fingers at the end of the day.

I think the white freshens it all up a little. We tried to paper the ceiling, but it looked awful, mainly due to our rubbish paper hanging and the fact that we don;t have time to properly strip the wood-chip off. So we are going to use that smooth plaster/paint stuff (technical name).

Just to keep me going I image pretty things I can fill the room with. Do you think this light currently collecting dust in my scary garage would look nice?

And then I finished off Lily and Poppy's room. Touched up the paint work, took the carpets out - hard work on your own - and finally a good clean.

And breath.

Another day done. One step closer. Please do know that I really appreciate all your support and encouragement - it means so much to me - I need all the good bloggy vibes I can get.



  1. You did work hard! The girls room is looking good. I bet they are getting excited. A dressing room (craft room) sounds a much better idea than an ensuite bathroom. I'm never really sure what the allure of an ensuite is...I mean who wants to listen to their OH on the toilet while they are in bed?!

  2. It's going to be fab when you move in, just picture yourself on a Summers evening sat in your lovely cottage, drink in hand, smiles on your faces :)
    Twiggy x