Thursday, 11 February 2010

Kidston for the Privileged & Rich...ish?


Well that's how I feel. i only want one roll to cover up this soothing red in the upstairs bathroom. I think it would change the entire feel of the bathroom wouldn't it? Coupled with some pretty, light CK curtains - even better! Oh and then the re - plastering, new vinyl, some painting and a good clean too.

Only problem is, they don't stock this in my local CK Shop and it is sooooo expensive. Must think of pretty alternatives that fit to budget. Suggestions please!

Or do you think I could stretch the budget just a teeny weeny bit?




  1. If you just need the one roll - stretch if you can :)
    I have the very same paper (2 rolls) in my hallway, it was a huge decision, but I love it, it makes me smile still 15 months after putting it up!!!
    The quality is fab and there was no waste with the repeat either.
    I live 10 gazillion miles from a CK shop the p&p bumped it up..but for me - no regrets :)
    Anyway... thats my opinion hehehe...
    Have my fingers crossed for you that you are ready to roll in 16 days xxxx

  2. Thanks Claire,

    I think you just made my mind up for me!


  3. i used the white version in my bedroom almost 5 years ago and it still makes me smile - definatly worth it :-)

  4. It's certainly worth it, after all it's only one roll! It would look gorgeous in there : )
    Something to look forward to, while you get the grotty stuff done!!
    Keep your chin up!! As they say, "Anything worth having, is worth waiting for!"

    sharon xx

  5. I would go for it if you can, if you're anything like me and you compromise on what you want you'll end up getting what you originally wanted eventually and paying out twice ;)

    Mel xxx