Friday, 5 February 2010

Some Happy Views

Just for me...I needed to remind myself of the good things awaiting us.

The PaddockBottom of the GardenSome Stables (minus animals)
To get some extra income (vital actually), we are thinking of renting out the stables and paddock. We can't see ourselves doing anything with the land for a while and the girls would love to have horses at the bottom of their garden. We'll see. House first.



  1. Horses in your backyard...what fun for your girls. I love old stables like yours and I'm sure the horses will too ;-)

  2. Ha! Who gets to mow the 'lawn' on the top of the stable roof???

  3. i've just been catching up with your progress and even though it doesn't seem like it now, it WILL all turn out well!

    good idea to rent out the stables and paddock for the meantime as it will keep it all under control.


  4. What a beautiful place to live!! A bit of sunshine reinforces that fact no end!
    It's a shame you have to get all the grotty ( but essential) stuff done first.
    Have a good weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Wow, how lovely to find you here! This is a big undertaking, but how rewarding it's going to be. I'll put you on my blog list and keep in touch - do you want to come over and enter my giveaway?

  6. What a wonderful home you will have! I hope that all surprises work out for good!
    I wish you great success and I will be stopping in now that I have found you! Thank you for that help!
    With Kindness,