Friday, 13 August 2010

Living Room

Sorry for the long gap in posts. You know how it is. Well, also, I am a little bit embarrassed by my living room. The kitchen I am loving as it progresses - but the living room is just not me - at all. We slapped down a cheap, yukky brown carpet, just to have the place carpeted, but it looks vile. And the over sized fireplace is a monster, it is only a small chimney, so why it is that size I have no idea - it takes up so much space. I am thinking of painting it white - it can't look any worse. All my dark furniture which used to look fine in a large house - now darkens the room, so I may attack everything with a white wash. Anyway here it is. I bought the settee and chair off Ebay for £20 all in!!!! And that is the look that I will try and nurture - bright, fresh, floral - something, clearly it isn't yet - but - it's comfortable and you can see by the before picture that we have come a long way in a few months! We do need to paint those beams where the wall has been knocked through and hide the wires hanging from the ceiling though.

I will try and update more I soooo promise.

THANK YOU all for the sweetest comments you have left - they mean so much and make my day. I'll head over to your blogs now and have a nosey!