Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Kitchen

Did I mention we move into this house in 3 weeks time?

Kitchen 1
Kitchen 1

Appletree Cottage was formerly two cottages, which we are going to knock together, although there is an internal door from Kitchen 1 into Kitchen 2.

Kitchen 2. Internal door to Kitchen 1.
Kitchen 2.
Kitchen Sink 2.
Kitchen Sink 2 GONE!
The ceilings are incredibly low and so we have decided to lower the floors by about 8 inches (20cm) We are praying that the foundations are deep enough!
Need more head room!!!!

This will be taking up most of our budget, so much of the work has to be done by us. This meant Karl had three days this week to knock all the kitchen units out, remove the cookers and take out the sinks before our builders arrived to knock down the internal walls, creating one big kitchen.

Bye Bye old Cooker.

It's been really, very hard work (for him!) and he has been leaving our rented home at 5amish to put a few hours in before going to his paid job!

On the 5th day the builders arrived and began taking down the dividing wall- which was very successful. I can see now just how big a kitchen I will have (yay) enough room even for a table to feed the children.Kitchens knocked Together.

It has however left us with a delightful decision to make!
Feature Wall?Keep it?

The builders left part of the dividing wall, (can you see the one with the radiator and vertical beams?) as they weren't sure whether we wanted to keep it or not? The large vertical beam you can see has to stay as it supports the ceiling, but we hadn't intended to keep anything else there - but now, I'm wondering whether it looks pretty (don't laugh!) - or - is it going to get in the way? Really.....what do you think. Oh and no pressure I have to decide in the next couple of days.

We have met the neighbours who seem lovely, which is a huge relief (you can't chose your neighbours!). This week my to do list is....

  1. Confirm my children have a school to go to!
  2. Sort carpets and lino for entire house.
  3. Buy a front door (long story)
  4. Buy a bathroom (even longer)
  5. Be a Mum and do some paid work.

So there we have it ! Week 1 at Appletree Cottage and I am thoroughly exhausted - yes.....I have been working too, but that's another post! But I feel on top of the world...I am living my dream!



Monday, 4 January 2010

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

That's what Appletree Cottage has NOT got - everything but the kitchen sink, because I have just bought one from Ebay. I had really wanted a lovely freestanding butler unit, but having monitored prices for sometime, realised that mini dream wasn't going to be honoured. So, 1950s kitsch is where it's at! With double ceramic drainer, 'rustic' wood cupboards (that will no doubt change colour over the years ahead) and lovely old taps - how could I resist for a modest £40 (£50 delivery) .

What do you think? I'm going for a bright, airy 1950's free standing look, not only because I like the idea, but because funds only allow for it. It needs re-enamelling, but I should be able to do that....right? Which reminds me - can anyone help me find blue & white chequered vinyl flooring (the cheapy roll kid)? I'm finding it (or not) IMPOSSIBLE!!!

So one thing ticked off the list - just need to brush up on my plumbing skills.



Sunday, 3 January 2010

Welcome to Appletree Cottage

So here she is - and I am really dancing with Lady Luck and jumping the gun rather because we haven't completed yet - but the contracts all seem to be going through, so being ever the optimist I'm already starting the Blog!!! Although, I have to say this is all rather terrifying, the whole house is, well for want of a better word, a pit. Robbed of all its former glory (perhaps) the cottage has been left to rack and ruin and having completely maxed out on our mortgage, we are going to be trying to do a great deal of work on a shoe string........nay a little bit of thread.

But life's an adventure isn't it? And if I fall flat on my face, you'll hopefully be here to pick me up?

Always hopeful