Thursday, 4 February 2010

Eeek. No Foundations.


So now the dividing walls between the two smaller living rooms and the two kitchens are down, we have some great open spaces. However. Hmmm. Remember we are lowering the floors? Well first they found water. Not oil unfortunately. Water. Lucky moi, a lovely sess pit right in my new living room. Luuurrrvely.

But the builders weren't too worried about it as the foundations are clay. (Obviously we wet our pants when we saw it).

But today they found a big, old drain and as there is no water anywhere else in the foundations, believe it has something to do with it. So, they have to find out where the drain comes from and where it goes.

Then....our structural engineer informed us that the interior walls do not have any foundations. Which doesn't sound good does it? So husband, builder, engineer all gathered around hole and discussed options, which all resulted in much more expense.

OK - so - Houston we have a problem. Set back and more money needed. These things should be expected though shoudn't they? Note to self must get head out of sand/clay/foundations.

Today I also got my first quote for carpets & vinyl for whole house. Total:£3000 *gulp*.
However they need to know by tomorrow in order to get them in before we move in, but now as the builders are delayed I don't even know whether we will have a floor to carpet!!!!

Gosh - what a load of babble - I'm sure none of that made any sense - rest assured as a sum up it all says STRESS, DEBT, STRESS, SHOCK, HORROR.

TTFN Fleur

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