Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lily's Lavender Room & Dead Wasps. Nice.

So whilst all the heavy duty stuff is going on downstairs I am upstairs getting the girls' rooms ready. They have lived in rented accommodation for 3 years and have had to endure plain white walls as a consequence. As a treat and to help them settle I let them chose their own colours and Lily chose lavender! (this is quite a sacrifice to a home control freak like me - I did draw the line at Rosie's BLACK request though).

However, I am getting what I paid for with the cheap paint I bought. This is the first coat and looks vile does it not?! However I have put a third coat on now and it does look much better. It's really fiddly trying not to get it all on the beams, when you're as rushed as we are!
Cheap Paint

The good thing about replacing all the carpets it that I don't have to worry about drips! I am the world's messiest painter.

Karl was plastering around the light fitting, so I asked him to paint the ceiling in this room, I thought my arm was going to drop off. I'm developing great muscles on my right arm, but sadly not on my left - by the summer I will look ridiculous!
Dead Wasps

Lily continually talks about the wasps nest she discovered in her bedroom and frequently seeks reassurance that these scary interlopers will have been evicted by the time she moves in.
I have to say it was a bit yucky painting with dead wasps around my feet, but compared to the mouse poo in Poppy's room awaiting me, I am gradually getting used to it.

Oh the glamour!!!




  1. Gosh, you have been busy! Really enjoying watching your blog about the cottage. It really is a dream come true, sometimes a nightmare I bet, but very very exciting.

  2. Be careful cleaning the mouse droppings if they are abundant. They can be a health hazard..never vacuum them..wet them down and wipe them up. Always wear gloves and a mask as they carry the Hanta virus. My m-in-law had a problem so I'm experienced ;-) Good luck!

  3. You're making good progress, hope the lavender paint looks good once it is finished.