Sunday, 26 September 2010

Poppy's Palace

Well it seems like an eternity ago, but it was actually only March, when we first entered the smallest of bedrooms, which is now Poppy's, my youngest. On the right wall was a huge, black built in shelving unit, that we took out, otherwise poor Poppy wouldn't have got in! There was mouses and cobwebs and all kinds of interlopers.

Poppy's chosen colour was yellow. The ceiling was repainted white, the cracks were filled and a new carpet laid.

A few months down the line and Mummy has chopped up some long gingham curtains and made drapes for the alcoves, behind which I don't care how messy it gets!

I painted chest-of-drawers - which needs new knobs. A few pretties and her school desk and there you go. One little girl's bedroom - and she likes her tiny space very much. For how long though?
Fleur - xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Up a Ladder or Creek - unsure?

Before we start - my Mum said I should have shown a wider angle of the living room in my last post- so always doing as Mummy says - here is one. What do you think?

Look at the slate state of that roof!

Well this week has all been about the roof (or lack of it). Fed up of being dripped on as we descended the stairs for breakfast every morning, Karl put off the inevitable and brought out the ladder. our next-door neighbours gave us some old slates (bless 'em) and Karl bought relevant mending bits (no idea what, on a need to know basis only).

However, the tiles that needed replacing were in a very awkward space and even Karl showed his nervous side about going up there.
"I need some weight on the bottom of the ladder - you'll have to sit on it....please" my husband dared to ask.

Me at base of ladder lending my 'weight'.
"Are you honestly taking pictures for your blog right now?"

"Are you saying I'm fat?" I asked.
Long conversation ensued.

My weight worked - Karl did not have a ladder fly from under his feet and the job is now done.
We shall see how well at the next rain fall? However, as we do not have a shower yet (ahem) - perhaps I should embrace the trickle of fresh rain water I get in the morning.



Monday, 6 September 2010

PaintingParty for One.

So the painting brushes came out in full force this weekend - and once I started I couldn't stop - to the house's detriment perhaps - you tell me???

So, I started with the front door - pics to come shortly - then I started on those cursed beams. Which cursed beams? The ones held together with cement after the adjoining wall was brought down - those. Now I know, I know - it's a cardinal sin to paint beams rather than sand them back to their original, glorious wood - but - big but - mine aren't glorious -mine are frankly, rotting away. So, she says with a big forced smile - paint was my answer to holding them together, so paint them I did. Firstly I bought dark brown, that just looked awful, my beams looked like ....well nuff said. So the only option was black - and after a few "oops" moments....

.....they are now done - and they look better, not perfect but better.

So, then, I faced my fireplace - and thought about whether it would look fresher, neater, brighter in white?

Friend said no - the smoke would dis-colour it eventually. Husband said no - it would make the room look smaller. All signs lead to "don't do it". But I had the painting bug, and it kept calling me and before I knew it I had started....and therefore had to finish.
Not sure whether I have created some kind of igloo in the middle of my living room? But it's done now and I can rest in peace. Or pieces. Jury's out.