Sunday, 26 September 2010

Poppy's Palace

Well it seems like an eternity ago, but it was actually only March, when we first entered the smallest of bedrooms, which is now Poppy's, my youngest. On the right wall was a huge, black built in shelving unit, that we took out, otherwise poor Poppy wouldn't have got in! There was mouses and cobwebs and all kinds of interlopers.

Poppy's chosen colour was yellow. The ceiling was repainted white, the cracks were filled and a new carpet laid.

A few months down the line and Mummy has chopped up some long gingham curtains and made drapes for the alcoves, behind which I don't care how messy it gets!

I painted chest-of-drawers - which needs new knobs. A few pretties and her school desk and there you go. One little girl's bedroom - and she likes her tiny space very much. For how long though?
Fleur - xxx


  1. What a perfect little girl's room, I love the colour scheme, the yellow chest of drawers is really pretty.
    Ann x

  2. Very sweet little room...I wonder how long it will stay tidy for though! :-D

  3. such a precious little girls room, so cozy, and i love the bed linens. i am always so happy when i see that you have posted new pictures!

  4. Hi there, I 'found' your blog at the beginning of the year when I decided to start my own, I then lost you and couldn't remember your blog name, and I just found you again, and am very happy that I have. Hope all is going well with your reno's.
    I am from Australia by the way.
    Take care
    Sandi x

  5. Home theater design says:Your painting is simply admirable!!!Such a Sweet little room... Pink curtains are pretty cute,She is lucky to have a Precious Decor room...

  6. That's so beautiful and girly, hope she still loves it!

    Mel xxx