Monday, 1 November 2010


It's not much better but livable - THAT RED'S NOT GONE YET THOUGH!!!!!

Basically, I scrubbed it clean and painted and refloored (same vinyl as kitchen - bulk buy and all that)Yes I know it's husband in pictures doing all the work - but I am there and he never takes pics of me!!!!

and now I can live with it - but soon - oh yes - soon - I can start showing you the progress we are making on our downstairs bathroom - the grown up bathroom - long awaited Christmas present. Finally I will have a shower.



  1. Oh looks like you really are making progress, keep up the good work

    All things nice...

  2. I am really enjoying reading about the progress of your cottage. It is coming along so well.

  3. oh marble rose! i am enchanted with your blog! your home is to die is a lot of hard work....but i can see that every hour of toil is done with love and respect for the history of your many people would have ripped the guts from this house and destroyed every trace of the people who have lived in it will have an amazing and unique home at the end of it...i look forward to following your journey x i adore your kitchen x x x x i have a poppy too!!!

  4. oohhhh you are living my dream, I want a cottage in the country as pretty as yours x

  5. waiting in anticipation to see more - after all there must be more to see with such a fab project in progress!!!!!

  6. I really like the flooring, it looks super!