Friday, 24 September 2010

Up a Ladder or Creek - unsure?

Before we start - my Mum said I should have shown a wider angle of the living room in my last post- so always doing as Mummy says - here is one. What do you think?

Look at the slate state of that roof!

Well this week has all been about the roof (or lack of it). Fed up of being dripped on as we descended the stairs for breakfast every morning, Karl put off the inevitable and brought out the ladder. our next-door neighbours gave us some old slates (bless 'em) and Karl bought relevant mending bits (no idea what, on a need to know basis only).

However, the tiles that needed replacing were in a very awkward space and even Karl showed his nervous side about going up there.
"I need some weight on the bottom of the ladder - you'll have to sit on it....please" my husband dared to ask.

Me at base of ladder lending my 'weight'.
"Are you honestly taking pictures for your blog right now?"

"Are you saying I'm fat?" I asked.
Long conversation ensued.

My weight worked - Karl did not have a ladder fly from under his feet and the job is now done.
We shall see how well at the next rain fall? However, as we do not have a shower yet (ahem) - perhaps I should embrace the trickle of fresh rain water I get in the morning.




  1. Hello there.

    Oh I neeeeeed a Karl!!!
    Has he a brother? Ha ha. Not sure I could go up that ladder, eek!
    I love your lounge, in fact, I love your cottage. More please, and tell him indoors that it's the LAW to take photos of everything...just in case. x

  2. Hello,
    Loving your journey as you make a cottage a home.
    LOVE your sofas/couches.
    Have you used heated floors ever?
    We have not... but I do hope to one day when the world turns upright again.
    Oh, my "Karl" is K.C. :) But up on that SLATE ROOF whew! Keeping Karl in my prayers!

    With Kindness,