Monday, 6 September 2010

PaintingParty for One.

So the painting brushes came out in full force this weekend - and once I started I couldn't stop - to the house's detriment perhaps - you tell me???

So, I started with the front door - pics to come shortly - then I started on those cursed beams. Which cursed beams? The ones held together with cement after the adjoining wall was brought down - those. Now I know, I know - it's a cardinal sin to paint beams rather than sand them back to their original, glorious wood - but - big but - mine aren't glorious -mine are frankly, rotting away. So, she says with a big forced smile - paint was my answer to holding them together, so paint them I did. Firstly I bought dark brown, that just looked awful, my beams looked like ....well nuff said. So the only option was black - and after a few "oops" moments....

.....they are now done - and they look better, not perfect but better.

So, then, I faced my fireplace - and thought about whether it would look fresher, neater, brighter in white?

Friend said no - the smoke would dis-colour it eventually. Husband said no - it would make the room look smaller. All signs lead to "don't do it". But I had the painting bug, and it kept calling me and before I knew it I had started....and therefore had to finish.
Not sure whether I have created some kind of igloo in the middle of my living room? But it's done now and I can rest in peace. Or pieces. Jury's out.



  1. Oh, I feel your indecision! I hate painting, actually. I only do it under instructions from husband. I can see why black was your best option on those beams. We spent what felt like aeons sanding beams in our first cottage, and the result was by no means perfect. Now we just have 1980s orange beams! Can't wait to get something done about those...

  2. I think definitely better painted... and when you get some smoke discolouration it will be fantastic, really add even more character to the chimney breast! We live in a 1900's farmhouse, with an extension made from log, and I'm ITCHING to paint the wood white, even though, because there are a lot of windows the room isn't too dark or overly "woody". keep going with that paintbrush!!!!!