Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kitsch In Sink.

Oh I am a happy lady and all because of my kitchen sink (truly pathetic I know). The first thing I bought for Appletree Cottage, many moons ago, seen back in this post- and my vision has been realised. I know it's basic, but I love it.

I really wanted this kitchen to be 1950's fresh - bright whites and bold primaries. It seems my favourite colours are beginning to reveal themselves as reds, whites and blues - how Regal! Well it is the Queen's birthday today.

Husband did all the cladding and I painted it white - but it was a little to clinical. So, I decided to use some of my vintage transfers on the cladding, just to take the edge off the white- and I love the results.

Tiny little roses......

I LOVE them - just what I envisaged and something pretty to wash to whilst I live without a dishwasher (vintage living!). Now I'm wondering - should I add anymore? I'm also thinking of replacing the handles (which are replacements) with original red ones - just wondering where to source them?

You can just see the floor I have put in - I'm thinking I will gradually reveal the kitchen in stages as it all comes together - or falls apart - either way.




  1. looking good :)
    hope all is well

  2. Looks fab! I love the sink - reminds me of the one at my Mum and Dad's - so practical.

  3. Oh it all looks lovely!Great collection of enamelware!
    Rachel x