Saturday, 17 April 2010

What Happned Next?

Firstly, let me apologise whole heartily for my sudden disappearance. Life just got so difficult and so bad and more than anything I no longer had the Internet. So time to bring you up to speed.

The floors were put in and screened. Layers and layers of rubble, concrete, plastic screening and polystyrene.

But we had a problem - and still do actually. By lowering the foundations to the house we have basically dug a big hole and water is pouring in from the surrounding land. We dealt with this by digging a drain on one side of the house. The moment we opened said drain the water just gushed out. It was amazing and rather frightening to see the effects of our plans.
The water that came from under the house.
So with concrete floors put in we had two days for it to dry before the carpets and vinyl arrived. However it did not dry and we had to move in. The carpets and vinyl in the kitchen could not be laid and so the downstairs furniture went into the garage and stables and we lived in the our small sitting room and conservatory for three weeks, whilst an industrial dehumidifier did its work day and night. It was a nightmare and I hit an all time low.

This was our kitchen. No oven, no taps - we used the outdoor tap - the weather was cold and we were all pretty miserable.

The Horror
Complete Horror. Three weeks people!

But...but but but but - time moved on and the floor dried enough to put the carpets and vinyl in and finally move the furniture in.
Then we had to deal with the plumbing.......

then the electrics......

Then last week we got our oven - no more microwave meals!!!!!

Finally it was starting to feel like home and things settled until we discovered last week that the concrete floor is becoming very wet again, which we cannot ignore and will soon start to rot the kitchen vinyl - the builder returned and we think we are going to have to put in at least two more big drains away from the house. So more disruption, more builders' bums, more "make that 2 sugars love".

This hasn't really dampened our mood though - just our floor. The sun is shining finally and the house and garden are being made prettier by the day.
So from this point onwards - lots of prettifying pics I more ugliness - it's time for the fun part.

Good to be back my friends. You never left my mind. So much to show you!



  1. So glad that it is finally coming together. I was worried about you! I came home from 5 weeks away to find you missing! Hope the new drains make the difference - and keep you chins up! As you say the sun is shining!

  2. I feel for you after reading all that!!! But congratulations on moving in and have fun making everything pretty!

  3. It sounds like you have had a bit of a nightmare, poor you ! It will all be worth it in the end I guess the end just seems a long way off when you are in the middle of it. can't wait to see some more pictures.
    Ann x

  4. What a nightmare!!! But isnt it lovely when its time to do the 'pretty' things. Cant wait to see more pictures X

  5. What an awful time you've had! Hope things get MUCH better from now on !
    At least the weather is improving and things don't seem so bad when we have sunshine!
    Rachel x

  6. Just think how beautiful it will be in the end. I love it. I miss living in the UK. Thank you for such a lovely blog .