Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's a really it is.

I thought we needed a better sign to our house - more so now, as we are starting to invite people over - and we are tucked away a bit. Below was our current sign - one we inherited - barely visible. I decided anything would be better than this so with little patience or time, set about knocking one together.

A while ago I looked online for some apple transfers, but the only ones I could find were ceramic transfers (and I'm not even sure they are apples!!!!) I decided to give them ago anyway- unfortunately they didn't come with any instructions - so I had to wing it.I used an old cupboard door from the kitchen and painted it white. (very quickly and very badly)

Then the transfers.....and by trial and lots of error, discovered if I soaked them in boiling water, they lifted from the paper and then I just stuck them in place. Unfortunately, I now realise I put this one on backwards. Nevermind - who'll notice?Then what I should have done is traced some lovely typeface, but I didn't I free-handed it (mainly due to broken printer). This sign was going to be VERY shabby - maybe not even chic with it!
A few more transfers and Hey Presto! A house sign!!! Not perfect, but neither's the house.

Slightly more welcoming?



  1. Definitely an improvement! I love it, and think the writing is great, as are the transfers.

  2. Beautifully done, I would never have been able to paint the letters so well, good job

  3. Much better than the old sign, for sure! And I just love your "kitsch" in sink!