Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bathroom Happiness!

So, finally we are almost there with our bathroom!!!! Only the shower rail and light fitting to go. It's been a very looooong road getting here - but so worth the wait. Everything we did ourselves, I say we, the plumbing, wiring and carpentry was Karl - but I did paint!

This was before the double sink unit was taken out and before the vinyl flooring went in.
We think it had been used as a utility space.It was extremely dirty and very unpleasant.
So we cleaned and cleaned - and painted the walls with a first coat. Then the flooring came in - just an extension of the flooring we used in the kitchen next door.

The tools came in and Karl began work on the plumbing and carpentry. He was amazing. This is not his profession - but he has done a 100% professional job!After........

What the before pics don't show is how all the plumbing was boxed in with the wooden cladding, mostly behind the bath - which was painted with an eggshell white.

The cast iron bath was off Ebay. The sink was from the en-suite ripped out from upstairs - unfortunately the pedestal had an accident - so we replaced it with one from a salvage yard. The bath needed repainting, the feet were pure rust, but fortunately the inside enamel was great!
All the paintwork was redone in white - it is so fresh and bright!
An old mirror from a local charity shop - it fits just perfectly!
Painted the door!
The shower!!! Not had one yet! Long story short - the shower rail hung too low from the ceiling - and we now have to figure out a way of shortening the poles. Oh the frustration!!!!!
I finally got to decorate my new bathroom with all my carboot finds!!!
I use this Victorian watercress dish to keep flannels and soap in.
And I brought in the old wash stand (which needs a good polish) and used this old bowl inside, I think it goes quite well?
My old bottles - finally somewhere to display them!
This old loo roll holder has been hanging around for years waiting to be used!
And there it is - I will post again to show you the beautiful shower curtains I have bought. From beginning to end it took about a year -but it wasn't so much the amount of work - it was the lack of time - and you know, we were busy enjoying life too. But it's here - and I LOVE IT!!!!
Fleur xxx


  1. It looks stunning Fleur!!! I am really jealous, it's so fresh and bright :)

    Mel xxx

  2. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I'd do anything for black and white tiled floors!

    Victoria x

  3. It looks fabulous!
    Well done to yoy both on all your hard work! Definitely well worth it!
    Rachel x

  4. You're such a perfectionist, it's lovely to see how much efforts you're putting into your cottage renovation and what amazing results you're having!

  5. Well done both of you, it looks beautiful.
    twiggy x

  6. Must have missed this post - love it!!!! You really are getting on well transforming the cottage into your dream home : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Fleur! Its gorg!

    But Appletree Cottage. Does that make you and Karl Mr and Mrs Boot??