Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Bedroom

We have pretty much finished our bedroom - one or two more touches and it will be everything I could dream of from a cottage bedroom.

So lets start at the beginning.......The walls were originally cream, which I decided to freshen with white (of course). New carpets were a must - I mean a must! The ceiling's wallpaper was hanging off and so I tore it all down - and for the next YEAR I woke up to brown, torn, ragged, lining paper. Whilst I was away with the children, Karl got to work and re-papered the ceiling, apparently it was not easy - but he did a fine job!

Then I gave it a lick of paint and now we have a new morning view! Then one last touch - time to get out that one roll of Cath Kidston wallpaper I bought in the sales many, many moons ago. The crowning glory!

The Kidston wall, as it is now to be called, leads to my little dressing room, which isn't quite ready to show you yet. As you can probably see there is very little storage and so my lovely old suitcases keep all my truly sentimentals in -you know; kids drawings, wedding photos, love letters - - if there was a fire in my home - I wouldn't leave the house unless these cases had been flung out of the window first!I have got one or two things to do, I want to paint the door white, the cupboard green (yes believe it) and fit my lovely French chandelier, get some cafe rods up and hang some vintage, French lace. I will post with those titbits as and when! Hope you approve - could your hubby or partner live with the roses? Am I a lucky lady or what!?
Thank you for your lovely comments, stay with me!



  1. Fab - what a transformation! For the next painting bit try using Annie Sloan paints - you don't have to prime or anything so perfect for us busy folk. The little new shop called "with Love" in Billingshurst sells them.

  2. Oh it really is lovely, as you say the perfect cottage bedroom, so pretty.

  3. Is it always so tidy?? I remember 8th Avenue..

  4. It is soooooooo beautiful!!!!! When can I move in???!!!! lol!!!!
    Love the wallpaper, the bedding, the cases, love everything!!!!!
    Have a lovely sunny week : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Oh it looks gorgeous Fleur, can I come live with you...pleeeeeease ;) My bedroom is being worked on as I type, DH popping up some new plaster board, hoping for as something as lovely as yours is furthere down our decorating line. Thanks for the inspiration :) xx

  6. Your vintage cases made me do a double take as it would seem we love the same things! :)
    The internet never ceases to amaze me - we can read other peoples' blogs and see delightful photos without leaving our house.
    However, pop in for a cuppa tea if you are up antiquing in Hertfordshire. Lella xx

  7. Wow, what a transformation. I knew when you said it that the Cath Kidston wallpaper would be good.

    Looks like a magazine, or a dream. Worth all the effort.